The Company

Homestead Brands is a privately-held, direct-to-consumer eCommerce company that operates multiple brands offering unique, high-quality, multi-functional furniture pieces. We’re led by brothers, and Co-Founders, Brenden and Kyle Marquardt

By focusing on values, culture, quality, and sustainability, Homestead Brands has achieved eight-figure revenue, been profitable each month since inception, and seen significant growth (growing revenue by 20x over the last two years), landing them in the top 100 on Inc 5000's list of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the US.

But that’s not where the story ends. Homestead Brands is looking to continue to grow and scale – which is where the need for this role comes in.

The Role

Reporting to Kyle, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, the Director of Marketing (an executive team member) will be responsible for designing and executing Homestead Brands’ marketing roadmap, delivering continued revenue growth, an enhanced online presence/reputation and an upskilled internal marketing team.

Here are the Key Responsibilities for our Director of Marketing:

  • Profitably grow our revenue. Your success hinges on accomplishing this. You’ll bring in more traffic to our sites. You’ll find ways to more efficiently convert those visitors into customers. And you'll create the systems and processes to automate as much of this work as possible
  • Manage and develop our team. We currently rely on a small team of talented marketing contractors and employees. An important part of the role will be managing their work and professional development. It’ll be your job to leverage their talents and further build out our team where you identify gaps. These people are some of our most important assets, so it’ll also be your job to steward their development and engagement
  • Design and execute our marketing strategy: We've found several things that work for us and have developed a rough marketing playbook. But we’re bringing you in to refine it, expand it, and apply a greater degree of professionalism and rigor to how we go about marketing. We hope you’ll find lots of things we could be doing better. In support of that, you’ll be responsible for developing our quarterly marketing project roadmap and leading our marketing team to get it all done. You'll assist the owners in setting quarterly and annual financial targets and keep a pulse on the market and how we sit within it
  • Define the value proposition and messaging of new products: As we continue to evolve as a company, we're going to have opportunities to make significant improvements to our products -- step-changes that will move us into dramatically larger addressable markets. These changes will necessitate pivots in how we message the value prop of our products and how we go to market. You, our Director of Marketing, will be responsible for guiding our team through that journey
  • Enhance our brand image: You and your team will develop and lead the creative efforts to level-up the online image of our brands through photography, design, video, email, and social media. We want to have the look and feel of a 9-figure brand and know we still have a ways to go
  • Diversify our customer acquisition channels: we’re hyper-focused on building a durable, sustainable company that can last for decades, not quarters. We want to be resilient against the next iOS14.5 roll-out, search algorithm update, or ad account suspension. To us, that means having diversified site traffic. To that end, we spread the love around 5-6 channels (SEO, AdWords, Affiliates, Facebook, Email, Pinterest). We need you to continue that trend of diversification, finding other channels that are profitable, and ensuring we don’t become too dependent on any one channel. Amazon will be a part of that future
  • Become world class. We want you to be with us for a very long time. We know that to make that happen, we need to keep you engaged, challenged, and growing. To that end, you will be allocated up to 5 hours per week of company time for any self-directed learning, research, or development which will help you with your job. If there’s a book you want to read, we’ll buy it for you. Our goal is to give you a platform to become world class, and to do that, you need the space to invest in yourself

Requirements: we don’t have firm requirements for this position, but we do understand that there are some traits needed to be successful in this role. What’s most important to us is that you’re an A-player, not that you necessarily have 20 years of experience as a marketing leader. So here are the key competencies for our Director of Marketing:

  • Seasoned. This isn’t your first rodeo. You have been intimately involved in growing a DTC eCom company by 10x+, deep into 8-figures. And you see us as a long-term destination, not a stop-gap to your next position
  • Profit-oriented: You know how to maintain profit margins while growing. You know how to get a double-digit ROAS and can make the most of a lean team by focusing on the highest-priority opportunities
  • People-focused. You put your team’s development and well-being above your own. You find ways to help your team grow, and then step aside and give them the credit when they succeed
  • Collaborator. You know how to partner with executive stakeholders, peers, and team members to get things done. You don’t get involved in turf-wars. You’re focused on the greater-good of the company
  • Growth mindset. You have a lot to teach us, and you are excited to learn what we have to teach you. You look forward to feedback, no matter how painful, and use it to become a better person and professional
  • Analytically minded. You rely on data to make your decisions and know how to get that data. When the data isn’t telling a clear story, you problem-solve to the best solution

To give you a better sense of what we're looking for, Kyle and Brenden have recorded a video discussing our vision for this role, which can be found here

We are looking for fluent English speakers living anywhere in the US. Your day should generally overlap standard CST or EST working hours to ensure several hours of workday overlap with Kyle, who lives in Spain (+1 GMT time zone)

Reference checks: It’s important to us that we bring only the best people to Homestead Brands. To help us make sure we get it right, before extending an offer, we’ll conduct 4-8 reference checks of previous managers, peers, and direct reports.

A little more about our brands / who we are:

Homestead Brands currently owns two brands and has a vision of acquiring additional brands at various points in their lifecycle, leveraging a robust marketing engine to grow them into meaningful 7 and 8-figure brands within our portfolio.

Here’s an overview of the brands we currently own:

  • “Core brand:” Lori Wall Beds. We sell high-quality, affordable murphy beds in the US market. We have the most reviews of any murphy bed on the internet, grew 5x in 2020, and rank #2-3 on Google for the search term “murphy bed.” This is our crown jewel and the catalyst of all our recent growth. In your first 6 months, you’ll probably be spending ~80% of your time on this brand. But as our other brands grow, it will become less and less the core focus
  • “Incubator brand:” Organic Swings. We sell sleek, modern, modular porch swings for interior and exterior applications. We acquired this micro-brand in March 2021 and are in the process of scaling it using our marketing best-practices

Over time, we’ll continue to acquire new businesses that fit our portfolio, creating more opportunities for our team to grow, for our product focus to diversify, and for us to create a more durable business that will last decades. And we hope that you’ll be with us for every step in that journey.

Our Values: To get more of a sense for what it’s like working at Homestead Brands, you can watch this video where our team talks about what it’s like working together.

In addition, here are the Homestead Brands cultural values below:

  1. A home for A-players: We hire the best people and give them the responsibility and autonomy to thrive
  2. Calm and Balanced: we manage our business for the long-term, which means we don’t do fire drills. We build our business on a strong foundation by diversifying where our profits come from, prioritizing work-life harmony, and treating each other well
  3. Family-oriented: We champion the families of our customers and colleagues. We can build a great business because of families, not at their expense
  4. Choosing our own adventure: we’re doing things for the first time, and we’re not afraid to make mistakes. Each team member is expected to challenge the status quo regardless of who’s defending it
  5. Great products: we help our customers bond with family and friends by selling them phenomenal products we are proud of

    Additionally, because the products we sell depend on a healthy, thriving planet, we’ve been partnered with Eden Reforestation Project since 2016 to plant ten trees for every order we receive. As a result, we’ve replanted 38 acres of forest around the world, a number that grows increasingly large each month.

    At Homestead Brands, we have flexible hours, ask no more than 40 hours per week, and rarely work nights, weekends, or holidays. Brenden and Kyle are both husbands and fathers who put an emphasis on family life, holistic happiness, and personal fulfillment.


    • Competitive pay
    • 100% remote
    • Flexible hours
    • A platform to become world class, build something amazing, and have a lot of fun doing it
    • 20 days of paid vacation & 6 federal holidays, all of which is 100% unplugged
    • 401k, with a guaranteed company contribution of at least 3% of your salary
    • Health benefits
    • Your own Lori Wall Bed and Organic Swing
    • Annual, all-expenses-paid company retreat

    If you feel you're up for the challenge of leading our Marketing team on the incredible journey ahead, we'd love for you to apply!